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You might keep in mind that I had already repainted and tiled the backsplash, so this was the last step in the improvement! Here's what you'll need: Paint and guide (more on this to come) Great brushes Sandpaper (both fine and medium grit) Degreaser or TSP Painter's Tape Like any great house enhancement job, it begins with painful over options - how much to paint cabinets professionally.


Now normally I 'd take my example to Home Depot or Lowes and get a color match, but this is not a job for regular paint. Think of the banging, food slinging, wetness, and heat that your cabinets are subjected to. As a highly visible and often mistreated kitchen element, you absolutely want these babies to come out smooth and resilient.


I did encounter stories of good results with BM's Satin Impervo (both oil and waterborne) in addition to Aura. There are also a number of specialized paints produced cabinets, however they are not constantly simple to discover. After a recommendation from their personnel, I chose to give this oil/water hybrid product from BM a shot. fired earth cabinet paint.




As soon as you collect all your supplies, the next action is to remove all your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and get rid of all hardware/hinges. If your kitchen area has a complex layout, you might wish to label what came from where to make the re-install less of a headache. Otherwise, go out your cleansing and sanding products. durability of painted cabinets.


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Clean your cabinet boxes and doors thoroughly and provide an excellent roughing up with some medium grit sandpaper/block. My cabinets had a shiny veneer which I didn't sand entirely through-I just sanded enough to take the sheen off and provide the surface area some grip. Be sure to wipe away the dust with a tack cloth or damp lint free cloth.


For the finest adhesion, let the guide treatment for a full 24 hr. Perseverance is a virtue, my buddies (how to hang cabinet doors for painting). The following day prime the back side of the cabinets. To conserve some time, I in fact painted a very first surface coat on my boxes the exact same day. Are you starting to see the pattern here? It's a lot of painting and a lot of waiting.


If this is all getting a bit complicated, let me lay out the order like this. Day 1- Tidy, sand, prime boxes and front of doors Day 2- Gently sand boxes and place on a very first surface coat, prime back of doors Day 3- Lightly sand front of doors and put on a first surface coat (how to clean painted kitchen cabinet doors).


Day 4- Lightly sand back of doors and put on a first surface coat. Day 5- Lightly sand very first coat on front of doors and place on a 2nd coat. Day 8 or 9 or if you have a lots of time Day 10- Reattach hardware and re-hang doors! Before you begin, let me detail the painting strategy I was revealed at Benjamin Moore particularly for the Advance paint - how to paint melamine bathroom cabinets.


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Put an excellent quantity on your brush and use long strokes to spread it as evenly as possible. Let it settle itself, attempt not to return and brush it too much since it will begin to set up in a few minutes. Fortunately is that you effectively have one practice coat to see how the paint feels and streams.

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